Jonah Lehrer

Jonah Lehrer

Author and Journalist

Jonah Lehrer speeches make points that initially seem offbeat, but after a few moments of reflection, come to make much sense. Lehrer's outside-the-box way of thinking can be at least partly attributed to his rigorous but unorthodox education.

Lehrer began his university career as a science student at Columbia University, where he earned an undergraduate degree in the neurosciences. Ever eclectic, he would enter Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, studying 20th century literature and philosophy. As a hybrid pupil of both the sciences and humanities, he has unconventional insights into these very different realms of knowledge. Indeed, Joanah Lehrer speeches emphasize the benefits to approaching questions as an outsider. Attacking a problem from the same angle is likely to produce the same results, whereas a fresh perspective can illuminate things otherwise unseen.

Currently, Lehrer is a contributing editor to Scientific American Mind, National Public Radio's Radiolab and Wired. He is also a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and has written for such publications as The New Yorker and Boston Globe.

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