layli miller-muro

layli miller-muro

Founder, Executive Director

Layli Miller-Muro's keynotes reveal her dedication to social justice.

Miller-Muro is the founder of the Tahirih Justice Center, a non-profit organization that uses legal services and public policy to assist immigrant women and girls trying to escape situations of danger and violence through immigration. She founded the organization after a high-profile case in which she defended a woman fleeing genital mutilation and polygamous marriage. The 1997 case would go on to set a national precedent for using gender-based persecution as grounds for asylum. Miller-Muro funded the center using her share of the profits from a book she and her client co-authored, titled 'Do They Hear You When You Cry?'

Over the past decade, Miller-Muro has been tirelessly working to expand the Tajirih Justice Center, helping over 14,000 women in the process.

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