Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine

Humanitarian Photographer

The keynotes by Lisa Kristine uncover the dynamics of modern day slavery, drawing from her own experience working with humanitarian organizations.

Kristine graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising before spending time in Europe and Asia photographing different areas. Her work focusing on indigenous people, collectively spanning 80 countries, has been featured at exhibits like the State of the World Forum in 2000 and the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009.

Kristine put together many books, including 'A Human Thread' and 'This Moment,' which won a bronzes Independent Publisher Book Award. Both had accompanying documentary films paired with their release. In her most recent publication, she collaborated with Free the Slaves to document sex slavery and subsequently released a photographic book called 'Slavery'.

Aided by personifying photography samples, the keynotes by Lisa Kristine condemn the politicized nature of human trafficking or the sex slave, reminding us that these victims are people and not mere issues.

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