Mark Earls

Mark Earls

Account Planner

The Mark Earls speeches delve into the theory of 'social learning.' According to Earls, humans fail to act based on their own volition, but rather imitate the behaviors of those they are in the presence of. As the brain acts as a social monitor, humans stray away from rationality and instead act as attitude mirrors.

Earls has worked as an account planner for most of his life, collaborating with large scale organizations like Ogilvy, The Account Planning Group and St. Luke Communications. And while he has remained dedicated to finance, his distinctive take on human behavior has brought about key marketing initiatives, leading him to write his first book 'Welcome to the Creative Age' in 2002. In 2007 his novel 'Herd: How to Change Mass Behavior by Harnessing Our True Nature' was also published, leading readers and critics to question the nature of human decision-making.

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