michael lazerow

michael lazerow

Founder and CEO of Buddy Media, Founder of Lazerow Consulting

The keynotes by Michael Lazerow recognize the influence people have in business. People are the leaders of social media, and businesses must capitalize on making people their central focus for their brands.

Michael Lazerow earned his bachelor's and master's in journalism from Northwestern University, and while studying he founded the University Wire. He has led the golf media property company GolfServe to become a multi-million dollar business, and was the CEO for GOLF.com. In May 2007, he founded Lazerow Consulting, which launches companies, media, websites and more. Lastly, he is the founder and CEO of Buddy Media, which is a social enterprise software used by the top 10 global advertisers in the world.

Michael Lazerow has been extremely successful in various Internet-based media companies, and he specializes in start-ups, media, investing, e-commerce, the Internet and more. The keynotes by Michael Lazerow help businesses realize the power the people, consumers and actors have for influencing business.

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