Rene Carayol

Rene Carayol

Author, TV Host, Speaker

Rene Carayol's business culture and leadership keynotes are a product of his long career as a board member in organizations like Pepsi, Marks & Spencer, IPC Media and the Inland Revenue. In such capacities, he's learned seen first hand the workings of these companies leadership at the highest possible level and taken away valuable insights, which he shares throughout his keynotes.

Carayol is also a best selling author. He penned "Corporate Voodoo" in 2001 and "My Voodoo" in 2003. Both books tackle "business principles for mavericks."

Caroyal is also a regular broadcaster on the BBC and has presented "Pay Off Your Mortgage In 2 Years," "The Money Programme," "Mind Of A Millionaire" and "Man From The Met."

He also works in radio and as a columnist in England.

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