Roger Firestien

Roger Firestien

Lecturer, Author, Speaker,

Keynotes by Roger Firestien focus on the presence of creativity in the business world. Firestien believes that despite commonly being described as disorganized, creativity can also be systematic. As an expert teacher on the 'Creative Process,' Firestien's energetic presentations help businesses around the world tap into their creativity and as a result, achieve success.

Currently the President of Innovation Resources Inc., Firestien consults with companies including AT&T and Disney to unlock their potential to be creative. In terms of his education, Firestien holds a Ph.D in communications from Buffalo's State University of New York College and a Master's in Creativity and Innovation. He is also holds a position as a lecturer at Buffalo State College.

With over 80 articles, Firestien's work focuses on how to develop and sustain a creative outlook on and approach to business. As an author, Firestien is probably most recognized for his books 'Leading on the Creative Edge' and 'Why Didn't I Think of That?'

With straightforward and easily implementable creativity solutions, keynotes by Roger Firestien offer insightful tips to tap into hidden innovation.

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